Wednesday, April 21, 2021

PEU Super League Implodes


Manchester United owner Joel Glazer tried to undo the damage done to European football from the proposed Super League, which collapsed after all six English clubs withdrew.   Glazer owned ManU since 2005 and communicating with fans and building trust has not been a priority.  Making money has and that was the premise behind the Super League.

La Liga President Javier Tebas said:

“The Super League has made a fool of itself and its concept has shown the absolute ignorance of its leaders in relation to the industry and fans across the globe. When you do something in secret, what you’re hiding usually isn’t good.”

The PEU boys purposely work in secret while manipulating existing political structures to their advantage.  The Carlyle Group located in Washington, D.C. for that very reason.  While Carlyle was not involved in the announced Super League (financed by JP Morgan) its Co-CEO Glenn Youngkin helped start the Professional Fighters League from the ashes of the World Series of Fighting.  Youngkin retired from Carlyle and is currently a candidate for Virginia Governor, aiming for the Red Team's nomination.  

Stakeholders took down the greed-inspired PEU Super League.  What will Virginia voters do?