Monday, May 24, 2021

Ivanka Latest to Get Boardroom Fog

Ivanka Trump is the latest executive to show boardroom fog in the midst of a civil or criminal investigation.  She was unable to recall the title of a fellow Trump Organization executive.  Her answer to "Who is Allen Weiselberg?"

“He is the — I would have to see what his, his — I don’t know his exact title but he’s an executive at the company.”

Recall Ivanka is employed by the Trump Organization and consulted for the company to the tune of almost $750,000. 

Forbes wrote:

In recent years, Ivanka has led the Trump Organization on some of its biggest deals…and has been given credit by those she’s negotiated with for her diligence and hard work.

Her father said "Ivanka specializes in acquisitions and design."  One of Ivanka's acquisitions was Trump Hotel in Washington, D.C.  The investigation targeted stratospheric hotel rates during Trump's inauguration.

Ivanka would have been paid by Allen Weiselberg.  Her expenses would've been reimbursed by Allen Weiselberg.  She would have negotiated deals with input from Allen Weiselberg.  

Her inability to "recall" Allen Weiselberg's title set the stage for other memory failures regarding the investigation.  This is a common practice by executives in trouble with the law.  

After a refinery explosion killed 15 people and injured 180, BP's Lord John Browne went to the Supreme Court to avoid giving testimony.  BP's executive in charge of refinery operations lost his memory under questioning from plaintiff's attorneys. 

Lord John Browne was finally deposed and appeared to be quite clueless.  BP CEO Tony Hayward also got boardroom fog after BP's giant Gulf of Mexico Oil Spew.  

Private equity underwrites like hiring smart executives after they recover from boardroom fog.  Browne went to Carlyle Group partner Riverstone Holdings.  Carlyle had its own refinery explosion in Philadelphia.  Hayward joined Vallares PLC, funded by Nathanial Rothschild.

Boardroom fog is a desirable skill of corporate chiefs, however jarring it may be to the general public.

Update 7-18-21:  The latest high profile person infected with memory fog is Jeffrey Epstein's underage girl recruiter Ghislaine Maxwell.  Maxwell "cannot even recall a single flight on Epstein's private jet with Ms Giuffre, even though flight logs show that (Maxwell) had 23 flights with Ms Giuffre while Ms Giuffre was underage."