Thursday, September 23, 2021

Air, Water and Healthcare: PEU Targets

India's government failed to protect air and water for citizens.  This may turn into a profit opportunity for at least one U.S. private equity underwriter (PEU).  

More than 50% of India’s population has no access to clean water. While for many that means a struggle to fetch water, urban families who can afford to are investing in home water purifiers. As air quality deteriorates, they’re buying air purifiers too. And US equity firm Advent International has just swooped in on a long-term investment opportunity that addresses those problems.

What role did PEU affiliates play in creating India's pollution problems?  

Growing industrialisation is making the existing problem of the lack of clean drinking water in India worse.

The Carlyle Group owns a number of pharmaceutical manufacturers in India.  They are part of Carlyle's healthcare push in midst of a global pandemic. 

Bain Capital sees healthcare as a profitable space to conduct more deals.  TPG Capital just promoted to President a person who led their healthcare investments.

Healthcare, air and water have gone PEU.  Next, they'll corner the market on sunshine.