Monday, November 15, 2021

PEU Declares "Death Knell" of Corporate Conglomerates

Seeking Alpha reported financial sharks surround GE as it breaks into multiple companies.   Private equity underwriters (PEU) are interested in GE's financial assets, airplane leasing, power generation and long term healthcare insurance.

"This is epochal," a P-E partner tells FT, calling GE's break-up the "death knell" of the conglomerate business strategy.

The greed and leverage boys love disintegration.  They created the conditions that contributed to political division, now fully dysfunctional.  Decades of exporting U.S. jobs, reducing headcount, giving zero to minimal raises gave many citizens a tough hand.  

Red and Blue political parties strive to steer the decades-long, crap economic sandwich into support for their candidates, many of them PEUs.  Yes, the very people that sent local jobs overseas, reduced staffing/benefits and touted business policies the very opposite of their political party are the answer to a disaffected public.  The media noted none of that for former Carlyle Group CEO Glenn Youngkin in his race for Virginia Governor (Red Team).  NBC News highlighted:

..given Youngkin's polished brand, financial background and unwillingness to fully embrace the former president.

The Blue Team couldn't point out Carlyle's failings under Youngkin's ownership as their candidate invested in Carlyle's private equity offerings.  Virginians had to choose from a PEU executive or a PEU limited partner.  

Serving policy making billionaires is U.S. political constant, a north star for both parties.  Politicians Red and Blue love PEU and many are one.   With their outsized riches inflation does not impact them in the least.  However it is the latest level of pain citizens have experienced from those in charge.

Disintegration and greed for money and power are all our political/business leaders have to give us.  For that we suffer.

"Voters need to see us as normal. Just normal people."

Then give us some.   Maybe that will come when society and businesses start integrating again.