Thursday, January 26, 2023

Rubenstein Interviewed RLJ in Palm Beach

Carlyle Group co-founder interviewed Robert L. Johnson in Palm Beach the day before Thanksgiving for Bloomberg.  (President Joe Biden was at Rubenstein's Nantucket estate while the RLJ interview occurred).

Host Rubenstein actually acknowledged his firm's investment in Johnson's private equity firm.  The pair covered Johnson's history with BET and the Charlotte Bobcats before discussing owning the Washington Football Team.

Johnson said giving money to politicians is "part of the game" but finds the political appointment system as "lacking integrity."  Both men are policy making billionaires and have access to elected officials.

Flashback to 2007 when I reported that President George W. Bush served on the board of Carlyle affiliate CaterAir and called billionaire Johnson a "community banker."

The game continues with its lack of integrity.  Thank you Mr. Johnson for reminding us.