Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Barr to Lead Fed SVB Investigation

Michael S. Barr is leading the review of Fed supervision of failed Silicon Valley Bank.  Barr is a former Treasury official under the Obama administration.  He became an advisory board member for Ripple Labs in 2015.  That usually comes with compensation, often in the form of equity.

Ripple had funds in SVB bank.

Does Michael S. Barr hold stock in Ripple?  If so, he may not be the best person to lead an investigation.

Update:  Barr's 4-9-22 financial disclosure form indicates no equity holdings in Ripple.  It does show stock options and warrants for a number of fintech companies (82 in all).  He indicated he would divest those.

It turns out Barr served as advisor and limited partner for NYCA Management LLC beginning in early 2017.   NYCA Investment made a nearly $10,000 distribution to Barr.  He showed carried interest from two NYCA investment funds.  That means Barr is a private equity underwriter (PEU).

NYCA Partners lists Larry Summers as part of its network.  Summers may have been pushing his own book with his recommendations to bail out SVB depositors.