Sunday, May 21, 2023

Conflicted Isaacson Interviews PEU Plunderer Author

It was a bit surreal hearing Walter Isaacson implicitly defend private equity underwriters (PEU) in his PBS interview with author Gretchen Morgenson.  A friend steered me to the interview and Isaacson's potential conflict of interest.  

Research confirmed Issacson is an Advisory Partner with Perella Weinberg Partners, an investment banking firm that assisted with numerous private equity deals, many in healthcare.  It also determined that Perella Weinberg runs at least one private equity fund, PWP Growth Equity.


SEC filings show five entities covering PWP Growth Equity I and PWP Growth Equity II.  These findings may or may not explain Isaacson's line of questioning.  However, they do indicate Isaacson has a conflict of interest via his role with Perella Weinberg and that was not declared for the viewing audience.  

It's just another indicator that we live in a PEU world. 

Update 5-29-23:  The PEU lobby came out hard against the book.   The greed and leverage boys know to cherry pick numbers, a charge they leveled against the author.