Sunday, November 19, 2023

Thoughtful Money Launched

Wealthion followers were shocked when founder Adam Taggart announced his departure.  It happened on Halloween and most considered the move an awful trick.

Adam shared in a Wealthion video that his departure came over "control issues."  He said it was amicable and the parties were working through the details.  That video is no longer available on the site.  


His reasons for leaving are on Adam's new Substack.  They include:

At its core, my decision to leave was all about control. While Wealthion was my brainchild and I ran nearly all aspects of its operation from Day 1, I did not own the company. 

Going independent gives me the liberty to runs things exactly the way I want to for you.

Thoughtful Money is Adam's new baby.  Like Wealthion, Thoughtful Money LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor Solicitor.  Adam makes money by connecting investors to RIAs.

Two of Adam's Substack posts are available without subscribing.  Four videos are posted and only available to paid members.  

A video with Lance Roberts RIA is one of the free posts.  There are hundreds of comments with most appreciative of Adam's and Lance's rapid resurgence.

Everyone has to make a living.  I wish Adam much success and trust he will be upfront about the ways he benefits from Thoughtful Money LLC.  

Update 11-24-23:  Adam's Thoughtful Money YouTube site is up and running.  Video view numbers at the new site (22,000 to 70,000) and Wealthion (4,500 to 20,000) indicate most people followed Adam.  

Update 12-10-23:   In ten hours Adam's interview with Felix Zulauf gets 38,000 views. Wealthion's interview with the Mooch garnered 4,400 views over the last 12 days.