Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Carlyle Group Raises $14 Billion yet Needs TARP Money

The Carlyle Group raised nearly $14 billion for their latest buyout fund. The Washington based private equity underwriter (PEU) needs another billion or so to close out the offering. Will Hank Paulson provide the final amount from his TARP?

The fund's openness helps explain why $153 million in taxpayer money was needed to boost Carlyle affiliate Boston Private Financial Holdings. The investment firm caters to the "high net worth marketplace". And they need loans, on the taxpayer's back?

Rest assured The Carlyle Group will make out like bandits from the $5-7 trillion financial rescue and the upcoming $500-700 billion stimulus plan. Surely, the taxpayer can do his part to get Carlyle back on track to 30% annual returns.