Saturday, November 15, 2008

Carlyle Infiltrated, Defense Business Board Advises Obama on Pentagon Spending

What luck for The Carlyle Group! They have a representative, Dov Zakheim, on the Defense Business Board advising the President elect on military spending. Carlyle acquired Dov Zakheim's services this past summer when it acquired Booz, Allen, Hamilton, a huge government consulting firm. Dov served as Pentagon Chief Financial Officer for Bush, but prior to that Zakheim contributed to the foundational document for the Project for the New American Century.

Over the last few years Carlyle cut their investments in defense firms, preferring to expand into other areas of the Government-Industrial Monstrosity, Eisenhower's MIC on steroids. But the pie is big, and the private equity underwriter (PEU) has their hands in the Pentagon's pocketbook, primarily through Booz, Allen.

U. S. defense spending has climbed more than 60 percent during the eight years of the Bush administration, and will total at least $612.5 billion in fiscal 2009. This includes $542.5 billion for the core defense budget and an initial allowance of $70 billion for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Obama has two Carlyle Group employees as bundlers for his record spending political campaign. Now he has a PEU military adviser via the Defense Business Board. The infiltration is deep and air spray alone won't purge our government of the PEU.