Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Carlyle Group Goes Carnaval

It's party time for private equity underwriters (PEU's)! What better way to celebrate than in Brazil? Bloomberg reported:

Carlyle Group, the world’s second- largest private-equity firm, plans to invest $1 billion in Brazilian companies during the next five to seven years, an executive said today.
The Carlyle Group is going Carnaval. The orgy of Corporafornication continues from the Middle East/North Africa to South America to Carlyle's home base in the U.S.

President Obama promised to support businesses in the Middle East in his Cairo speech. Funny, the Carlyle Group has a $500 million fund targeting the region. Look for Obama promises regarding South America, then follow the money. What role will Rahm Emanuel play in creating business opportunities for PEU's?

(Bloomberg removed the original story but traces of it can be found here, as long as it lasts. Did Bloomberg Board member and Carlyle Group Senior Adviser Arthure Levitt intervene? The WSJ added a piece on attrative investments in Brazil with a quote from the same Carlyle Group bean spiller.)