Friday, October 29, 2010

America's Powerazzi and Elections

In the week before the election, America's powerazzi do their best to impact elections.  Reds & Blues do their best to tamper with the electorate.  Inflammatory political ads run ad nauseum.  American CrossRoads, backed by professional inflammer Karl Rove, is the newest ditch witch, driving U.S. elections deeper into the gutter.

Blue Bill Clinton tried to broker a deal, where Kenrick Meek would drop out of the Florida Senate race to help independent Charlie Christ.  When citizen wishes aren't what power players want, insiders manipulate the choices.  Clinton's throwing Meeks under the bus is instructive, as Bill dragged Meeks all over the country to help Hillary's Presidential run.

Red Jeb Bush called Charlie Christ self-serving, saying "He's the most ambitious man, I've ever met in politics."  What would Jeb call an ex-Florida governor going on the board of a healthcare company he fined multiple times for improper billing?  When he comes up with a name, Jeb should look in the mirror and enunciate clearly.  Self-serving corporate Jeb earns over $300,000 a year on the board of ethically challenged Tenet Health.

Jeb's appointment came a year after the Bush White House omitted any mention of Tenet's Memorial Medical Center, where 35 patients died after Hurricane Katrina.  Tenet lobbied the White House on The Stafford Act (disaster response) and corporate governance changes in early 2006.  Was any self-serving deal making done on Jeb's behalf?

Jeb's other job, as private equity man for Lehman Brothers, may have impacted George W.'s response in September 2008.  What politician would save his brother's and cousin's firm from financial death in the midst of a closely contested election?  Karl Rove knew such a move would be political suicide for the Red team.

Big boys' money and power games have America at a crossroads.  Staying the poisonous course ensures America's crossbones.

Update 3-9-13:  Jeb will saturate the Sunday morning political talk shows.  Is this a prelude to the next Bush-Clinton Presidential run, Jeb vs, Hillary?