Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Carlyle Group Grows a Billion

Every billion helps when you're headed for an IPO.  The Carlyle Group rose from $106.7 billion to $107.6 billion in assets under management.  The asset explosion will come when Carlyle closes on AlpInvest, with over $43 billion in funds under management.  Carlyle is a private equity underwriter (PEU), while AlpInvest is a fund of PEU funds. 

Financial News reported Carlyle took the top spot on Wall Street investment bank fees.  High deal volume, especially on the monetization end, drove up fees to near 2007 levels.  Carlyle had their best years with a Texas governor as President.  My guess is Rick Perry would be as PEU friendly as W.  He proved it at the state level with his $35 million gift to Carlyle's Vought Aircraft Industries.

Rick Perry would love to be on Pennsylvania Avenue, just blocks from Carlyle's Headquarters at 1001.  While I can't predict who'll be in the White House, my guess is they'll be PEU sponsored.  Red or Blue, they love PEU's.  (Click on the graph above to see bipartisan Presidential PEU love.)