Thursday, July 7, 2011

Carlyle's Rubenstein & Washington Kastles

WaPo's Capital Business buzzed:

Many local business moguls, such as Carlyle Group co-founder David Rubenstein and former AOL chairman Steve Case, have been seen courtside during past seasons.
That's not a court of justice, where David Rubenstein might testify as to his actions to save 25 patients who expired in Hurricane Katrina in Carlyle's LifeCare Hospital in New Orleans.  It's a tennis court, where Washington's Kastle franchise plays World Team Tennis. They have new digs on the Southeast waterfront.

Should the Kastle's new tennis stadium end up flooded like the Superdome, Rubenstein is the man to approach for advice.  Carlyle's hospital with the highest patient death toll in Hurricane Katrina warranted not one mention in the Bush Lessons Learned report.  Come to think of it, the White House looks like a castle, where David Rubenstein is a frequent visitor.

Update 7-31-11:  Capital Buzz reported on "Billionaires Row" at Washington Kastles stadium.   They sit in fully catered dream seats.  I envision them waited on hand and foot by D.C. politicians.