Friday, September 16, 2011

The DeParle Census

White House Deputy Chief of Staff Nancy Ann DeParle is married to Jason DeParle of the New York Times.  They have a son.

When Nancy-Ann was appointed President Obama's health care czar, she filled a financial disclosure report which stated:

"Per Pilar all conflicting assets have been divestedKD  6-4-09"
Nancy-Ann gave a portion of her conflicting assets to her son, thus they remain in her immediate family, much the same way Florida Governor Rick Scott's Solantic stock did.

DeParle's 2011 filing showed a gain from her earn out from MedQuest, a medical imaging company.  Nowhere on her prior two disclosures did she indicate residual private equity stakes in MedQuest or any other healthcare firms, where she served as a board member.

DeParle's financial disclosure form indicated a cash account of $1 to $5 million.  Her health reform has private equity underwriters drooling.  Obama rewarded DeParle with a promotion to Deputy Chief of Staff.  Life is good for the DeParles.

Husband Jason wrote:

The discouraging numbers spilling from the Census Bureau’s poverty report this week were a disquieting reminder that a weak economy continues to spread broad and deep pain. And so it does. But not evenly

As the poor get poorer their health is at greater risk.  Not so with PEU's, who have insiders remaking markets and government statistics in PEU fashion.    

Update 2-19-21:  Nancy Ann Deparle had a banner payday after Consonance Capital sold Enclara Healthcare to Humana in 2020.  Enclara is "one of the nation's largest hospice and benefit management providers."  Yet, Humana intends to spin off Kindred Hospice as it prefers a partnership model for end of life care.