Sunday, September 18, 2011

Global Elite's Calendar

The Economist stated:

The Clinton Global Initiative's annual meeting has become an important part of the global elite's calendar.

The global elite gather in New York City this week.  Featured guests include Wesley Clark, Madeline Albright, and Bob Rubin, all private equity underwriters (PEU's).

Political types include Tony Blair and John Podesta.  The recently savaged Michael Porter will attend.  Porter became the lightning rod for America's outreach to Muammar Gadhafi, while politically connected PEU's got no press.

UBS' Robert Wolf is going.  Will Bill Clinton call for donations to help UBS with their $2 billion trading nightmare?  The global elite seem fully capable of helping themselves. Tony Blair did.

Update 9-18-11:  UBS' trading loss is up to $2.3 billion.  How high will it be when CGI starts?

Update 10-1-11:  Tony Blair's consulting work comes under scrutiny 

Update 3-11-13:  The Podesta Group now lobbies for the Iraqi government.