Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Carlyle Does Double Monetization with Boston Private

American Banker reported:

Boston Private Financial Holdings Inc. put some of its excess capital to work by repurchasing 5.4 million warrants in a move that would eliminate potential dilution. The warrants were mostly held by private-equity firm Carlyle Group, Boston Private's largest shareholder
The warrant purchase gives Carlyle its first chunk of cash.  Here's the second:

Boston Private will sell "Davidson Trust Co. to Bryn Mawr Bank Corp. for $10.5 million."
How much of the sale proceeds will turn into a special dividend/distribution for Carlyle?  Recall Uncle Sam provided $153 million in TARP funding to Boston Private, a lender to high net worth individuals, during the financial implosion. 

PEU Banksters keep cashing in...