Saturday, February 11, 2012

Carlyle Group Cites China as U.S. Savior

The Council on Foreign Relations followed the World Economic Forum in lauding China as the future for America.  CFR posted the piece under "Renewing America:"  They even loaned their logo for The Carlyle Group's David M. Marchick to use in his memo:

The Carlyle Group wants Chinese investments to fund U.S. deals.  Carlyle Managing Director David Marchick was assisted by Carlyle's Daniel Bowles in authoring the piece, which concluded:

Greater investment by China in the United States is not only a natural evolution in China’s economic development; it also yields significant benefits to the economies and welfare of citizens of both countries. More than $1 trillion of FDI is projected to flow from China into the global economy by 2020. President Obama, by articulating the right policies and setting the right tone during the Xi visit, could help ensure that the United States receives a significant share of this investment—for both countries’ benefit.

How much of that $1 trillion in FDI might land in Carlyle's greedy hands?  Who knew Renewing America meant giving the Chinese 30% annual returns on $1 trillion in FDI?  Who'll pay the freight on that?  American customers, who already roll the dice for China's abysmal management practices..

Does David Marchick want to push more cadmium tainted jewelry on children?

Update 2-12-12:  The Xi visit includes a Valentine's Day stop at the White House   Sweet!