Monday, December 24, 2012

American Christmas Update

It's Christmas Eve and this year's flight found the airline close to emerging from bankruptcy.  I recalled last year's crew, which went to extra lengths to share the spirit of the Season.  They inspired this poem

Twas two nights before Christmas
and all through the plane,
weary travelers expected the usual inane.
But this safety briefing rang with humor and heart
that no corporate script could ever impart.

Travelers perked up their ears, smiles broadened wide
as Stewardess #1 delivered line after line.
The pilot announced he and the first mate
would hold up the trip, making us a little late.
Important packages were destined for the hold.
Gifts for our loved ones, young and old.

These acts took place on one solitary flight 
of an airline in bankruptcy, what a terrible plight.
Pay will be cut and pensions obliterated,
so executive bonuses can be liberated.

Yet this crew set aside the cards they face,
giving great joy to the human race.
Keep this a secret, whatever you do.
Corporate PR would never approve.

Christmas flickers in each heart's light,
especially in those facing challenges of blight.
Many thanks to the creative word stew,
the pilot, first mate, the whole inspired crew.

They brought me home for Christmas,
long before the plane finished its flight.
Love and joy to all,
and to all a good night!
The flight attendant said they'd struck a deal, with less pay, higher costs for health insurance and less retirement (from frozen pension plans).  She just wanted it over with.  At the end, she said she was thankful to have a job.

My flying experience this past year involved full planes.  This Christmas' fare wasn't cheaper than last.  Where will the employee savings go?  How will management incentive compensation grow on the backs of workers?  It remains to be seen