Monday, December 3, 2012

Congress & Panda Bear Mating: Carlyle Style

The window of opportunity for pandas to mate is .05% a year, according to Carlyle Group co-founder David Rubenstein.  That's a mere one twentieth of The Carlyle Group's historic tax rate of 1%

Private equity underwriter (PEU) Rubenstein gave $4.5 million to help pandas reproduce.  However, he's not keen on sharing his PEU profits with Congress.  Rubenstein and his PEU trade group regularly descended on Capital Hill to keep Carlyle's preferred PEU tax status. 

Note Rubenstein's penchant for sexual analogy.  The Carlyle co-founder cited PEU excesses leading to the financial crash as "like sex."  Politicians, both Red & Blue, have long been in bed with PEU's, greedy financial manipulators.  Policy making billionaire Rubenstein can call them by name.

My guess is Rubenstein wants politicians to get together and make him more money.