Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Carlyle Christmas

The Carlyle Group issued a press release on December 25th.  It announced the sale of Qualicaps, a Japanese drug capsule maker.  Carlyle purchased Qualicaps in October 2005.

Under Carlyle's seven years of ownership revenues grew 50%.  When Carlyle purchased Qualicaps the press release stated:

Steady market growth is also expected for hard capsules in the health and nutrition sector. 
How much market growth was expected vs. the result of Carlyle's global hegemony?  Qualicaps was the second largest global capsule maker in 2005.  It's still #2.

Qualicaps has a more than 20% market share in the pharma-grade capsules segment, the largest segment of the capsule market

Carlyle didn't reveal the price paid for Qualicaps, but it shared the expected $654 million in proceeds from the sale to Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corp.