Sunday, March 17, 2013

Collusion Case Remains Alive

Dealbook reported on the shareholder lawsuit alleging private equity underwriters colluded on club deals, as well as orchestrated bidding:

K.K.R. expressly asked its competitors to “step down on HCA” and not bid on the company, according to an e-mail in the case that was written by Daniel Akerson, then a partner at Carlyle and now the chief executive of General Motors.

The judge also pointed to an e-mail sent by Hamilton E. James, the president of Blackstone, to his colleagues just after the Freescale deal was announced about Henry R. Kravis, the co-founder of K.K.R. and a frequent rival to Blackstone when competing for deals.

“Henry Kravis just called to say congratulations and that they were standing down because he had told me before they would not jump a signed deal of ours,” Mr. James wrote.

Put PEU owners on the stand under oath and televise it on CSPAN.  The business media won't ask tough questions, fearing access to the world's new Robber Barons would be withdrawn.

Side note:  The HCA deal added over $15 billion in new health care costs to American public.