Saturday, March 9, 2013

Wells Fargo Mortgage Injustice Ends in Death

The cost of poor quality for a Wells Fargo mortgage holder involved dying in a courtroom.  Wells Fargo wrongly fined Larry Delassus when it wanted his neighbor two doors down.  After the bank doubled his mortgage, Delassus stopped paying.  Wells Fargo foreclosed.

Wells Fargo was not held responsible for taking action on the wrong citizen.  It was a painfully tragic event, a typo, a mistake.  For it's mistake Wells Fargo offered no sorrow, no recompense, only a "reinstatement fee" so massive it could not be named. That's right, after creating financial hell for Mr. Delassus, the bank couldn't tell their client how much it would cost to get out.

Delassus got Wells Fargo and judge who ruled in favor of the bank.   A higher justice won out.  They have to live with his death, hastened by an incompetent, cruel system, corporate and judicial.