Monday, September 2, 2013

Hillary & Bill's Upcoming PEU Events

WaPo reported on Hillary's talk at the Carlyle Group Investor Annual Meeting which begins September 9th:

$200,000 That is what Carlyle Group is paying former secretary of state Hillary Clinton to speak at its annual investor conference in Washington next week. (Politico reported the engagement earlier.) Private equity has been very, very kind to the Clintons. Last year, Carlyle paid a similar amount to Hilary’s husband, former president Bill Clinton.
President Bill Clinton privatized USIS, the government department that ran security checks.  The Carlyle Group made big money from holding an ownership stake in USIS from 1999 to 2007.

Hillary recently spoke to KKR's investor group for $200,000.  KKR is another private equity underwriter (PEU).

Next up for the PEU Clintons is the other CGI, Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting vs. that of Carlyle Group Investors.  Interestingly, the Clinton Global Initiative confessed to handling money poorly, personally enriching the Clinton's close contacts.  America's Royal Bubba Family will headline their CGI event which runs from Monday, September 23 to Thursday September 26 in New York City.

Directly following CGI 2013 is an event Bill Clinton headlined last year, the Concordia Kids Summit

How many CGI members will head from the Closing Plenary to the NYSE for Concordia's welcome reception on Thursday afternoon?  Bill was the draw last year.  It's not clear who will fill his role in 2013.

Concordia will announce a number of major speakers, including our keynote speaker, over the coming weeks. Our confirmed speaker list includes a number of current and former Heads of State as well as business leaders from Fortune 500 companies and small and medium enterprises.
It'd be too much to ask for Hillary to speak at Concordia 2013, given Concordia is the Red version of public-private partnerships.  Nevertheless, Red and Blue love PEU.

Update 9-23-13:  FireDogLake didn't like the smell of CGI either.