Friday, September 27, 2013

CNBC Runs More Ads for Clinton Global Initiative

This looks like a "shhshhh", maybe over the Clinton Global Initiative's past conflicts of interest through overt influence peddling.  Bill Clinton seems able to talk himself out of almost anything.

Or is it into almost anything?
Did Maria buy into the Clinton presence?  Whether she did or did not, CNBC did their part to push the Clinton Global Initiative this week.

CGI is the Blue team's marquee event, held annually in conjunction with the United Nations confab.  The Red team launched The Concordia Summit two years ago, courtesy of two "well connected" young men.  Bill Clinton headlined the Concordia Kids meeting in 2012.

The NYSE took over promotion for the Kids.  Here's the Closing Bell on Thursday, September 26:

The kids are the two gentleman second from either direction, kind of "one off" bookends in the picture.  The NYSE clip showed the Concordia logo in front of a trader.  You can wager on the political Red or Blue team, but you can't buy one share of Concordia.

The NYSE event was the kickoff for the Concordia Summit.  It's clear a number of  global leaders made the trek from the Clinton Global Initiative to the NYSE.  All week long a number of international political leaders graced the Opening and Closing Bell.

Enjoy the spotlight boys.  Some day citizens will wake up to the shameless influence peddling both political parties employ.  It's absurd that two kids right out of college, no matter their esteemed family pedigree, can start a meeting and get a star studded Red Team to show up at short notice.

Leadership does not take ethics (Clinton), experience (Concordia Kids), much less theory/knowledge (both Red & Blue teams).  But they can do marketing/PR and hire their ethically challenged peers.