Thursday, September 12, 2013

White House Health Reformer Returns to PEU Roots

President Obama's Director of the Office of Health Reform Nancy-Ann DeParle joined Consonance Capital as Co-Founder and Partner according to an August 7 press release.  Consonance is the second private equity underwriter (PEU) to employ DeParle.  The first was CCMP Capital Partners.  Now Nancy-Ann works for Consonance Capital Management (public investments) and Consanance Capital Partners (private equity stakes), CCM and CCP. 

The CC announcement mentions Nancy's prior PEU board slots, CareMore, LHP Hospital Group, and MedQuest.  Oddly, her White House public financial disclosures went years without referring to any residual PEU positions before several appeared.

As a former Center for Medicare/Medicaid Chief Nancy served on a number of public healthcare boards, Cerner, DaVita, Guidant, Medco Health, Triad Hospitals, Boston Scientific and Specialty Labs.  A number of these companies ran afoul of ethical billing regulations while DeParle provided fiduciary oversight.    

When DeParle resigned from Obama's tainted White House she said she would become a Visiting Scholar at the Brookings Institution.   After her eight month scholarly gestation Nancy-Ann had a PEU rebirth.

Those who created Rube Goldberg health reform are in the best position to profit from it.  Ask former White House staffer David Rubenstein about the Great Eskimo Tax Scam.  Those millions seeded the founding of The Carlyle Group, now over $180 billion in assets under management.

"The team at Consonance Capital Partners has a unique combination of deep clinical and healthcare business expertise, as well as many years of experience in working with management teams to build successful companies.'

'I am excited to bring my knowledge to a team that is committed to making meaningful investments that will drive innovation and improve healthcare." - Nancy-Ann DeParle

Watch Nancy-Ann DeParle's personal take post "public service."  Political and financial insiders rigged the game for their benefit.

Meanwhile, health reform leaves the most vulnerable over 65 retirees at huge risk as numerous employers dump group coverage.  What will Nancy and her PEU friends do when the retired elderly can't navigate private Medicare complexity?  What happens when starving retirees beg for scraps from their executive dining room table?  Silly me.  I should know retirees can't get through PEU security with their pacemakers and artificial limbs.

The health decks are being reshuffled by political dealers for their PEU friends. Nancy-Ann is on both sides of the table and stands to profit shamelessly

Update 2-19-21:  Nancy Ann Deparle had a banner payday after Consonance Capital sold Enclara Healthcare to Humana in 2020.  Enclara is "one of the nation's largest hospice and benefit management providers."  Yet, Humana intends to spin off Kindred Hospice as it prefers a partnership model for end of life care.