Friday, April 25, 2014

Hillary's Undeclared Conflict of Interest on Snowden

The Hill reported:

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says she is baffled about leaker Edward Snowden's motive for fleeing the country to expose U.S. surveillance programs.

Instead of hiding out in China and then Russia, Snowden could have taken whistle-blower protections and stayed in the U.S., the former first lady said this week.

"When he emerged, and when he absconded with all that material, I was puzzled because we have all these protections for whistle-blowers," she said in Wednesday night remarks at the University of Connecticut, as seen in a video clip that surfaced on Friday.

"I don't understand why he couldn't have been part of the debate here at home," she added.

"I think turning over a lot of that material intentionally or unintentionally, because of the way it can be drained, gave all kinds of information, not only to big countries but to networks and terrorist groups alike," she said.

The Hill only referred to Snowden as a NSA contractor.  He worked for Booz Allen Hamilton, an affiliate of The Carlyle Group which paid Hillary Clinton over $200,000 for a speech at their annual investors meeting.

Besides not coming clean on her financial ties the article paints Hillary as clueless:

But despite Clinton's faith in whistle-blower protections, Snowden would likely face decades in prison if he ever returned to the United States.

Whistle-blower laws in the United States do not apply to employees or contractors at U.S. intelligence agencies, like Snowden. Additionally, the types of programs he has revealed are generally considered to be legal under current law, which would make it more difficult for him to obtain legal protection.

President Obama has a war on whistleblowers which Hillary will continue if elected President of the United States.  Her skirmish on the Snowden affair reveals her desire to discredit a very important whistleblower.

June 2013 - Snowden blows whistle from work inside Booz Allen Hamilton
June 2013 - Carlyle group owns 69% of Booz Allen Hamilton
September 2013 - Hillary speaks at Carlyle Group's annual investor meeting for speaking fee of $200,000
February 2014 - Carlyle sells stake in Booz, ownership of company down to 53%
April 2014 - Hillary speaks of whistleblowing but does not declare her conflict of interest with The Carlyle Group, 53% owner of BAH.

I take it conflict of interest laws do not apply to the Hillary class.