Monday, April 21, 2014

PEU Grady-Gov. Christie Meet Pres. Obama-PEU DeParle

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's longtime mentor Bob Grady is a private equity underwriter (PEU).  He was with The Carlyle Group before leaving to join Cheyenne Capital.  In 2010 Christie appointed Bob to the committee that oversees state pension investments, where he has since risen to Chairman.

PandoDaily takes on Grady's potential conflicts of interest in steering $300 million in dedicated investments to The Carlyle Group and how this might personally benefit Grady.  The article stated:

“The contracts that pension funds sign with private equity firms and hedge funds often say certain investors who are strategic – like, former firm partners – can be designated ‘strategic investors’ and given preference.”
This brought back PEUReport's find that White House Health Reformer Nancy Ann DeParle received a distribution from the sale of MQ Interholdings (owned by CCMP Capital Partners).  This occurred in 2011 while DeParle worked in the White House and after she "divested all conflicting assets." 

PEU's became ubiquitous the last decade, with the media only paying attention when Mitt Romney ran for President.  That coverage barely broke the surface of private equity's harm to so many. 

After her public service Nancy Ann DeParle returned to her healthcare PEU roots.  If America's healthcare reformer came from private equity and returned to private equity, who do you think stands to gain from health reform?  I'd bet private equity.