Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Small PEU Investors Are the Final Mark?

Dean LeBaron on private equity:

Finally you get very concerned about bubbles.  In the United States private equity, which has been so popular for fifteen years, has now been made available for small investors.  Woe the tide, beware small investors.  You are about to go in to be fleeced.
He also said he's "trying to learn why flash trading is not front running and dark pools are not a criminal repository for past bad trades."  I suspect LeBaron understands how unethical behavior is redefined as OK over time so the politically powerful can profit.

PEU's dangling 30% annual returns is enough to bewitch the staunchest small investor desperate for yield. 

I can hear PT Barnum or Carlyle co-founder David Rubenstein calling out to the crowd:  "Small Investors!  Step this way for the Great PEU Co-founder Egress."