Saturday, November 15, 2014

Monumental PEU Seeks National Security Firms

Digital Journal ran the following commercial for PEU Monument Capital:

Monument Capital Group Holdings seeks investment into companies featuring four essential characteristics: 1) proven management teams; 2) positive cash flow; 3) non-lethal products and services with technologically competitive advantages; 4) capacity to meet the high demands of national security advancement worldwide.

Eliminating breaches in national and global security and improving national infrastructure security are paramount to governments and citizenry worldwide. In a rapidly changing security environment -- in which biosecurity, data security, cyber security, border security, maritime security and infrastructure security are both crucial and ever-evolving -- it is imperative that the private sector provide the highest possible level of technology the world has to offer. Monument Capital Group Holdings provides the financial backing for that technology to be developed, implemented and deployed, thereby ushering in a new set of national and global security defenses. 

Monument Capital Group Holdings provides valuable investment capital for technology companies with an international focus. Technological advancements are made around the world, and Monument Capital Group Holdings partners with companies worldwide in an effort to ensure its portfolio is at the leading-edge of those advancements. The international range and depth of investment and security technology experience possessed by Monument Capital Group Holdings' executive team and its Advisors ensures that that balance is struck with maximum benefit.

It didn't say Monument Capital's founders and advisors reads like a Carlyle Group franchise.  One has to love that Monument Capital Senior Advisor James A. Baker, III can talk about issues of national security without disclosing his financial conflicts in that arena.  It's Meet the Putz!