Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Clinton Seriously at Bilderberg

Politico quoted Vernon Jordan, on taking Bill Clinton to Bilderberg meetings in 1991:

“He left law school and came back to the South … He could [have gone to] Wall Street … [but] he came from Yale to home to do something about race.” – Vernon Jordan, longtime Clinton friend.

“I would say, that’s the next president of the United States,. They said, ‘Jordan, you been drinking? You been smoking?’ I said, mark my words.”
WaPo stated in 1998:

After all, it was Jordan who first introduced then-Gov. Clinton to world leaders at their annual Bilderberg gathering in Baden Baden Germany in 1991. Plenty of governors try to make that scene; only Clinton got taken seriously at that meeting, because Vernon Jordan said he was okay. 
Sixteen years ago Vernon Jordan symbolized insider access and corporate cronyism:

Between Jordan and his wife, 17 directorships give the couple an annual income of more than $800,000, in addition to the reported $1 million he makes at his law firm. 

President Bill Clinton helped stoke such cronyism by privatizing government functions, like security checks.  Now Western governments protect the Bilderberg crowd with virtually impenetrable security.  The Clintons should reappear before the Bilderberg Group since it likes to sniff U.S. Presidential candidates.  The corporate Bush's will likely be there, as well.  Bilderbergers love royalty, even the American cracker kind.

Update 11-20-14:  Vernon Jordan is Senior Managing Director of Lazard Freres, the investment bank sending U.S. corporations overseas for tax elimination purposes.   President Obama's latest Treasury appointment is Lazard's Antonio Weiss.