Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Frist Joins Carrick Capital as Senior Advisor

Carrick Capital announced former Senator and Dr. William H.Frist joined its stable of special advisors.  Frist already is a private equity underwriter (PEU) with Cressey and Co.  Carrick Carrick is an investment firm focused on fast growing software and technology-enabled services firms and it's targeting health care technology companies.  Thus the need for Dr. Frist's sage advice.  The company's press release stated:

“Healthcare technology services companies are a primary focus for Carrick. We see an opportunity to deliver better healthcare and address industry pain points through great business models and the application of innovative technology. Bill’s expertise and policy insights are invaluable to our portfolio companies that are serving this market,” added Carrick Capital Partners Co-Founder and Managing Director Marc McMorris. 
Those pain points are purposely designed by the U.S. Congress and regulators charged with implementing healthcare legislation.  Former Senator Frist knows of such legislative pain points.  Carrick invests more than capital.  It's betting its investment in Dr. Frist pays off.  I expect it will do so handsomely.