Friday, July 24, 2020

Carlyle Performing Airport Body Temperature Scans

The Carlyle Group's latest product in its COVID-19 portfolio is airport body scanners that detect passengers with fever.

At the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), thermal cameras are checking airline passengers' body temperatures throughout the Tom Bradley International Terminal and arrival areas.

Thermal imaging cameras detect infrared radiation and can measure the surface temperatures of people.

The LAX screening program is a partnership with the Carlyle Airport Group, through Schneider Electric, which will provide 3 types of cameras to help determine which is most accurate and effective at detecting potentially ill people.

The equipment being tested is on loan at no cost to LAX.
A Carlyle press release stated:

Five separate camera assemblies with units manufactured by Omnisense, Mobotix, Flir and Carlyle-backed HGH are being used in the pilot.
Carlyle could profit by having two affiliates involved, Schneider Electric and HGH Infrared Systems.  What are the odds that HGH wins, given Carlyle family ties?  That's PEU profit layering, on which Carlyle cut its teeth.. 

Carlyle's Airport Group CEO said:

"The pilot is unique in monitoring the entrance to the terminal and testing not just individual cameras, but assemblies of cameras....  the cameras must be able to scan large numbers of persons quickly and continuously while simultaneously identifying individuals that exhibit possible elevated body temperature."
Carlyle affiliates can help screen airports for people with fever (Schneider Electric & HGH), test for COVID antibodies (Ortho Clinical), assist with blood plasma collection (MAK Systems), produce antibody drug conjugate (Piramal Pharma Solutions), ensure the maximum hospital bill for COVID-19 patients (TrustHCS), manufacture Ivermectin treatment (SeQuent Scientific) and make federal coronavirus purchasing something other than a clown show (Unison).

Carlyle plans to profit from, the pandemic as President Trump seems determined to perpetuate it.