Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Carlyle's SeQuent Makes COVID Medication Ivermectin

In early May I questioned how The Carlyle Group would profit from its planned purchase of veterinary medicine maker SeQuent Scientfic in the midst of a global pandemic.  It turns out one Sequent medicine is under study for COVID-19 treatment and early studies show positive results.

A 40% reduction in mortality is a significant and welcome development.

Carlyle affiliates can help test for COVID antibodies (Ortho Clinical), assist with blood plasma collection (MAK Systems), produce antibody drug conjugate (Piramal Pharma Solutions), ensure the maximum hospital bill for COVID-19 patients (TrustHCS) and make federal coronavirus purchasing something other than a carnival show (Unison).  Add Ivermectin treatment (SeQuent Scientific) to Carlyle's COVID-19 portfolio.

More disease, more demand.  . Could The White House's bumbling public health response make Carlyle's billionaires richer?  Highly likely.

Update 8-16-20:  India recently made Ivermectin the preferred treatment for COVID-19 vs. Hydroxychloroquine.