Tuesday, April 19, 2022

PEUfluencers like Crypto, Blockchain

The greed and leverage boys now believe in cryptocurrencies and blockchain.  Apollo CEO Marc Rowan and Carlyle Group co-founder David Rubenstein expressed their support on a Bloomberg Wealth interview.  Rubenstein interviewed Rowan.

Apollo's ties to child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein (through founder Leon Black) are also out of the bottle.  Hard to put that one back in.

Update 5-18-22:  The cryptocurrency unwind came quickly after financial whores Bill Clinton and Tony Blair were in the Bahamas pushing crypto.

If you don’t see that the crypto “industry” has become just as blindingly corrupt, just as oozingly fatuous, just as profoundly captured by the Nudging Oligarchy as the traditional financial services industry it was supposed to replace … well, you’re just not paying attention.

Update 7-11-22:  Crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital founders are AWOL.  Creditors asked a court to "subpoena the founders and have them provide a list of company assets including wallets it controls, bank accounts, digital assets in its possessions, derivatives contracts, securities, accounts receivables, and all company records." 

Update 8-2-22:  FDIC insured banks ran with the crypto devils and may go under as a result.  How this is remotely OK is a question one should ask David Rubenstein and his former employee Jerome Powell.

Update 10-1-22:  Rubenstein remains a crypto promoter.

Update 11-11-22:  FTX is imploding and Sam Bankman-Fried resigned as CEO.  Marc Cohodes saw through SBF in this video from September.  The media finally found SBF's operation was headed by college friends.  This would have been more important information than SBF running with Bill Clinton and Tony Blair.