Monday, April 18, 2022

Rubenstein to Buy Washington Nationals

Carlyle Group co-founder and policy making billionaire David Rubenstein could own a chunk of Major League Baseball's Washington Nationals.  The Carlyle Group, a politically connected private equity underwriter (PEU), sports a Pennsylvania Avenue address.  Mr. Rubenstein is able to have his phone calls to elected officials answered or promptly returned.  

Update 8-25-22:  Rubenstein is part of a bid for the Nats.

For decades the U.S. Congress kept private equity's preferred "carried interest" taxation at Rubenstein's encouragement.  The man is very skilled at tax avoidance.  

Politicians Red and Blue love PEU, and increasingly, more are one.   

Update 4-19-22:  A Russian oligarch put Chelsea FC up for sale and one bidder is U.S. oligarch Bain Capital's Steve Pagliuca.   

Update 4-20-22:  Public subsidies for billionaire sport team owners can be seen in the proposed deal for the new stadium for the Buffalo Bills.

Update 7-10-22:  Former Carlyle PEU Michael Kim may bid on the Nationals.  It could be a PEU club deal.  

Update 10-22-22:  Nationals fans research what Rubenstein ownership might look like.  I'll venture it includes major public subsidies.