Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Santos is a Real PEU

In an interview with Fox News Tulsi Gabbard Santos said:

"I can sit down and explain to you what you can do in private equity, in capital intro, in servicing limited and general partners.  We can have this discussion that's going to go way above the American people's head."

Santos said he didn't lie because he is a real greed and leverage boy.  Private equity's public perception has not improved over the last several decades.  That's because many Americans experienced the trauma of their employer coming under PEU ownership.  

Santos is a howler monkey throwing out lies like feces.  Wrapping himself in PEU skunk skin for credibility just stinks up our government even more.  

Politicians Red and Blue love PEU and increasingly, more are one.

Update 12-29-22:  The Daily Beast reported:

Santos, who in 2020 reported holding no assets and a salary of $55,000 from a vice president position at a financial company called LinkBridge, appears to have suddenly come into substantial wealth, claiming a net worth of as much as $11.5 million on his 2022 financial disclosure. Almost all of it came through the newly formed Devolder Organization, which the 34-year-old says paid him between $1 million and $5 million in dividends along with another $750,000 in salary.

That money, it turns out, came from some wealthy sources who also had financial stakes in Santos’ political bid.

The Daily Beast has confirmed four Devolder Organization clients: the New York-based Tantillo Auto Group, two organizations tied to the influential Ruiz family in south Florida, and another firm associated with Long Island insurance magnate James C. Metzger. Santos acknowledged all four of these clients on Wednesday.

Update 12-30-22:  DailyNews suggests Santos needs a good lawyer on speed dial:

Santos appears to have swiftly built personal wealth despite a history of debt and financial troubles.

Update 1-1-23:  Rep. Kevin Brady (Red Team- TX) said:

Santos could be forgiven by the GOP for owning up to the false statements and that it wasn’t up to the party to punish Santos.

The party is complicit in perpetrating the fraud.  It's up to the Red Team to admit their creation and sponsorship of a political fraud.  

Update 1-2-23:  The fraud is going to Congress.

Update 1-4-23:  Politico reported last week:’s been crickets. The NYT and CNN this week reached out to leadership offices and the NRCC for comment. There were no responses.

Santos had a lonely day in a crowded House chamber yesterday. 

His new office was once occupied by N.Y. Rep. Chris Collins who was convicted of insider trading in early 2020.   A Trump pardon got Collins out of jail.  A House staffer called the situation like "being in a cartoon."

Update 1-5-23:  Even Santos housing picture is unclear.  Is the new Congressman elect a millionaire or a deadbeat renter?  I hope he actually lives in his House District.

New York Rep-elect George Santos reportedly does not appear to have an office or staff in his district.

Update 1-8-23:  Santos is a fraud and worked for a ponzi scheme.  He's the perfect elected official to reveal our ethically broken Congress.  Institutional Risk Analyst reported:

The question is how state and federal regulators, as well as elected officials in both political parties, did not see that the entire construct of crypto currency was at best a form of money laundering and at worse outright fraud.

Update 1-12-23:  Rep. George Santos may not be a real PEU after all.   Ethically he smells horribly but he may just be PEU wannabee.  He did make it into the realm where connected people push copious amounts of cash around to one another.

Update 1-14-22:  Video shows George Santos introducing himself as Anthony Devolder in 2019.  Santos is reflective of societal ills.  One columnist attributed his rise to a lack of local investigative reporting.  Another said:

(Santos) lies are the product of a political system that incentivizes dishonesty, punishes sincerity and is rife with opportunities for petty crooks. In that sense, Santos is the politician that we deserve.

I would offer Santos is there to serve the PEU class.  Politicians Red and Blue love PEU and increasingly, more are one.  Fraudster Santos is there to save PEU preferred "carried interest" taxation, get a regulatory format in place for crypto and steer Uncle Sam's wallet to the greed and leverage boys, as well as his personal pocketbook.  

Update 1-19-23:  Santos' mother was not in the country on 9-11-2001 so she could not have been in the Twin Towers.  REp. Santos raised $3,000 for surgery for a homeless veteran's support dog and never gave a penny toward the needed surgery.  

Comedian Jon Stewart said of Santos, “It takes people with no shame to do shameful things.”  That also applies to the people who knew all about Santos and said nothing, Kevin McCarthy et al.

A lot of shameful stuff is coming.  

Update 1-23-23:  Santos former roommate called him "the Anna Delvey of Queens" for lying his way into Congress with the full support of the NRCC.

Update 2-6-23:   A story on Santos' use of donated funds to his pet "charity" revealed:

Santos boasted of his fundraising prowess, saying he was a financial money manager with connections. In reality, he had worked for a Turkey-based hospitality technology company, eventually moving on to work at a small company that organized conferences for investors and fund managers.

Update 3-24-23:  The Hill reported:

Santos will formally confess to defrauding a Rio de Janeiro clerk of $1,300 in clothes and shoes in 2008 and pay damages to the victim

Update 9-13-23:  Santos missed yet another deadline for filing his financial disclosures.  

Update 10-6-23:  Santos campaign Treasurer pleaded guilty to conspiracy in fraudulent campaign finance submissions.