Saturday, July 28, 2007

Hillary's Elitist Donor List Contrasts with Progressive Campaign

For a candidate running a progressive campaign, Hillary Clinton's race is financed by a high dollar donor list. She leads far and away over all Presidential aspirants in the number of contributors giving the maximum amount of $4,600. Her top twenty industries list has not one union. The closest thing is nonprofits squeaking in at number 19. Between securities/investments and hedge funds Hillary received $4 million, while lawyers easily eclipsed that figure by giving over $6 million.

The list of high contributors reads like a who's who of law firms, media companies and investment houses. When was the last time these three groups led a revolution that didn't dramatically improve their bottom lines? Is that why she showed a little cleavage recently? Was it to boost ratings or give the boys a little thrill for their money? Either way like all good streetwalkers, Hillary's turning her cleavage into cash...