Monday, July 23, 2007

Carlyle Group News Must be Found Elsewhere

One might expect that ex-Time Warner executive to keep Carlyle's moves open and transparent. Lately company news must be found anywhere but in their press releases. Consider the string of reports that only exist elsewhere:

1. Carlyle to sell two aircraft service companies to Dubai Aerospace

2. Virgin Media considers buyout offers including Carlyle

3. The Carlyle Group invests in huge Indian Bank, HDFC

4. The company failed to mention how it will take care of nursing home patients in flooded areas as it inked a deal to acquire ManorCare. Carlyle's LifeCare subsidiary had the largest number of patient deaths post Katrina and their defense is hospital patients became wards of the federal government as soon as evacuation teams arrived in New Orleans. Will the Justice Department consider this in their deliberations? The White House already left it out of their Hurricane Katrina Lessons Learned report as did Congress. Conspiracy theory anyone?

Maybe, it makes sense Carlyle's keeping these stories off the air as the average American would be incensed...