Monday, July 23, 2007

Mike Conaway's PEU Ties

My Congressional representative, Mike Conaway accepted political donations from companies owned by private equity underwriters (PEU's). The company's PAC name and their corporate parent are below:

$10,000 from TXU soon to be an affiliate of KKR (from 3 different PAC's)

$ 1,000 contribution by Vought Aircraft Industries part of The Carlyle Group

$ 2,000 from U.S. Oncology an affiliate of Welsh, Carson, Anderson and Stowe

TXU finished 2006 with record profits then tried to make their $2.5 billion bottom line old news with the merger announcement. Vought spent the last few years on the Texas and federal government corporate tit. They showed their allegiance to the Lone Star state by locating their new production facility in Charleston, South Carolina to be near Senator Lindsay Graham. U.S. Oncology bought out Texas Oncology a few years back and WCAS needs to keep their franchise strong. If anyone can help these corporations get the government support they need, it's Mike!