Thursday, October 18, 2007

Bain, Call Carlyle for CIFUS Advice

Consider the international corporate deals and the amount of media attention:

Sale of Six U.S. Port Operations to Dubai Ports World-Huge media and political focus

Sales of Two Companies with Operations at Fifty U.S. Airports to Dubai Aerospace-Zero media and political attention prior to closing Since then Dubai Aerospace purchased Ohio based TSS Aviation through its Landmark/Standard Aero holding.

A Dubai company's owning 20% percent of the NASDAQ market site-Major media and political focus

Sale of high tech giant 3Com, whereby 10% would be owned by a Chinese firm-Growing media and political focus.

"We are deeply troubled by the national security implications of the sale," Arizona Senator Jon Kyl says in a draft letter, obtained by Fortune and addressed to Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson on the Bain Capital deal for 3Com.

Where was Arizona Senator Kyl when the Carlyle Group sold Tempe based Landmark Aviation and Standard Aero to Dubai Aerospace? Historically, Jon is the number 3 benefactor from transportation campaign donors. No data exists for 2007 but Carlyle spread around $400,000 to lobbyists to ensure a quiet sale. Note, the Yahoo article on lobbying came out after the deal closed.

Did they make any donations to ensure silence? Who did they give to and why? Keep your eyes open Bain Capital and you can be schooled. It helps to have your own media insider. Thanks Norman! As for future threats to America, what might come our way via a "corporate office in the sky"?

Update 1-31-19:  Carlyle co-founder David Rubenstein mentioned Dubai Ports World to CNBC hosts at Davos, Switzerland last week.