Thursday, October 4, 2007

Bush Executes Rare Double Block

Hidden behind closed doors the Bush administration executed two moves benefiting their corporate friends and relatives. President George W. Bush vetoed a Children's Health Insurance bill because he believes in private health care. Uncle Bucky happens to sit on the board of WellPoint, the huge health insurer.

If advertising has a black comedy award, please give it to Chevron for their Human Energy campaign, launched while the Myanmar junta used that same human energy to crack skulls. Chevron's 28% of a production field in that country sent how many millions of dollars to the junta the last 5 years? Sec. of State Condi Rice once sat on the board of Chevron and had a tanker named after her. Who's still operating in the oppressive country? You guessed it, Chevron! Funny how the Israelis can withhold tax money for the Palestinian government, but all George can do is block travel visas. Never mind the production sharing agreement got negotiated on Poppy's shift!

Due to those Bush blocks, more children will go without health insurance coverage and thus avoid or delay care itself. While the reclusive, Myanmar ruling junta won't get to come to America, they do get to keep the oil/gas spigot open while their wallets fatten courtesy of Chevron and Total SA. Give Bush a black belt for misery...