Thursday, October 11, 2007

SEIU Protests Carlyle Group, Next Stop Andy Stern's Office

The Service Employees International Union paraded wheelbarrows of cash from the I.R.S. office across the street to Carlyle's corporate offices on Pennsylvania Avenue. The union protested the low taxes private equity underwriters (PEU's) pay on "carried interest". The protest came complete with a Fat Cat, only the SEIU has one of its own, union President Andy Stern.

Guess who wants businesses to dump their pesky health insurance benefits in voluntary employee benefit trusts or VEBA's? No, it's not David Rubenstein or any of the other two Carlyle founders. The cheerleader for shedding that valuable employee benefit is none other than Andy Stern. He wants those wheelbarrows of health insurance premium money to manage.

So pack up your fat cat, SEIU, and take him back to your union headquarters. Quit pretending unions are out for the little guy. Behind the scenes the Andy's and David's of the world plan to shaft the American worker yet again. Cut the front stage theater and pull the blue curtain. That way people can see what's really going on...