Sunday, February 10, 2008

Banana Fight!

The World Trade Organization judged illegal the European Union's practice of charging some countries a tarrif on imported bananas, while giving others duty free access. Who brought this challenge against the EU? It would be the world renowned banana producer, the United States.

Huh? I've seen sugar cane fields in Lousiana, rice paddies in Southeast Texas, orange orchards in Florida, and apple tree farms in Virginia. But where are America's banana plantations?

There aren't any. The U.S. brought the challenge on behalf of three large, American based mulitnational firms, including Chiquita, Del Monte and Dole. Yes, this would be the same Chiquita given a $25 million fine for sponsoring terrorists in Columbia. Rather than end up next to Jose Padilla in Guantanamo, the Chiquita CEO jumped ship to another American corporation, Hollinger/Sun Times Media.

Rest assurred, the Bush administration battles hard on behalf of all American banana farmers. He does so to the sole benefit of U.S. corporations, that much is clear. This provides insight to Bush's tackling the uninsured problem in America. It's for the benefit of big business, not to help the individual citizen. Why am I not surprised?