Monday, February 4, 2008

Carlyle Wants to Watch You Pee

The Carlyle Group invested in eScreen, a leading drug testing company. eScreen offers the industry's only FDA-approved, instrument-read, point-of-collection rapid urine-based drug test system. Private Equity Hub had this to say:

"eScreen is well-positioned to capitalize on the $1 billion-plus worldwide market for pre-employment and workplace drug screening services," said Robert E. Grady, Carlyle Managing Director and Co-head of the firm's U.S. Venture and Growth Capital group. "The company's unique, proprietary, first-to-market products and software deliver results in fifteen minutes or less and automate the hiring process for the employer, the applicant and the clinic."

"Carlyle looks forward to working with eScreen to capitalize on opportunities in this large and expanding market," continued Mr. Grady.

Of course Carlyle will use their contacts to increase revenues dramatically. They have over a thousand firms in their stable that could send business eScreen's way. That's not counting their incredible political connections. What if every new federal employee, including the military, needed pre-employment drug screening? The Bush administration best act fast to sign one of those emergency agreements with eScreen. His time to send business his friends way is slowly dribling out.

What if Carlyle combines Authentec's abilities with eScreens? Then they'd have your fingerprint along with your urine. Can a microchip be far behind?