Sunday, February 3, 2008

Bush's Favorite Job Can Be Done by Brush Eating Goat

President Bush loves clearing cedar from the Western White House. It turns out a goat can do his job. The San Angelo Standard Times ran this in today's edition:

A natural brush control seminar featuring brush-eating goats will be from 10 a.m. to noon Friday at the Texas AgriLife Research Center, 28 miles south of Sonora on State Highway 55.

Dr. Erika Campbell, post-doctoral research associate and toxicologist at the center, formerly called the Sonora Research Station, will discuss her work in identifying goats purposely bred to control juniper, commonly called cedar.

The obvious questions remain from substituting a goat for the most powerful man in the world. Will the goats be considered pets or employees? Will they get health care? If they're imported goats, who's responsible for their temporary worker status? How do we know they aren't associated with terrorist goats from other countries?

If this frees up President Bush to pursue peace in the Middle East, is that a good thing? Bush has a clear track record of divide and conquer in the region. He pursues peace dangling carrots, while aiming the barrel of a gun. If he shifts his brush clearing days to weapon firing, what will that do to our world situation? It looks like either way, George W. Bush has our goats, and maybe a new pet...