Monday, March 3, 2008

Carlyle Hires Brother of French President

The politically connected Carlyle Group added one more insider to its list of infamous employees/advisers. The Telegraph reported:

Carlyle founder David Rubenstein said: "Olivier is a remarkable addition to our financial services team. He has an incredible track record and network that will help Carlyle capitalise on the dislocation in the financial services sector and extend our record to success to this important part of the global economy."

Oliver Sarkosy regularly meets and talks with his brother, Nicholas, pictured above with President Bush. Oliver joins several other new hires in the financial division, but one year old. They include Douglas "Sandy" Warner, the former chief executive of JP Morgan Chase & Co. and Randal Quarles, a former top official at the Treasury Department. Carlyle's reach extends from Pennsylvania Avenue, down Downing Street and across the Seine to the Elysee Palace. Why am I continually surprised?