Friday, March 28, 2008

Recent NRCC Donations Pose Audit Challenge

Rep. Mike Conaway, the Chair of the National Republican Congressional Committee has more than one challenge as head of the audit committee. Besides tracking down missing funds from dirty accounting, Mike has to contend with donations varying from the normal deposit.

The New York Times magazine article on Rep. Tom Cole, Chair of the NRCC had this to say:

Many conservative activists have become so dissatisfied with the party's heresies, particularly on immigration and government spending, that as Cole's staff took over, the committee's fund-raising pleas were being ignored and, on at least one occasion, returned in an envelope stuffed with feces.

How are these new deposits accounted for, first in, first out (dried) or last in, first out (moist)? It must be no fun to work in the NRCC's accounting department these days. But come November, the fruits of these donations will hit the airwaves via TV and radio commercials. Be sure to turn down the smell. (But don't you feel sorry for those Republican bundlers?)