Sunday, April 13, 2008

Clinton's Savior is Carlyle's 007

After Barack Obama's stumble on people in small towns being "bitter", a crowd gathered to kick the presidential hopeful while he lay on the ground. Barack could clearly see Hillary and John McCain, but who was the third guy, the one who said Democratic super delegates needed to take these remarks into consideration? Here are your hints:

1. He's also a Senator, so much for professional courtesy.
2. After building the best organization in Iowa and two weeks after announcing his presidential aspirations, this gentleman dropped out of the race.
3. Seventh place on his lifetime donor list (at $75,000) is The Carlyle Group, an infamous, politically connected private equity underwriter (PEU).
4. His wife is on the Board of giant health insurer WellPoint. The family grossed $1.5 million from cashing in her stock option awards. The day after I e-mailed the Senator with this information, he dropped out of the race.
5. He recently went to the United Arab Emirates to investigate sovereign wealth funds investing in U.S. companies. The aforementioned Carlyle Group sold 7.5% to Abu Dhabi's government owned investment fund for $1.35 billion.

Got it? It's the esteemed Senator from Indiana, Evan Bayh, or is it Buy?