Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Carlyle JV Partner, Billionaire Bob Johnson Slams Obama

CNN's Jack Cafferty asked the following question yesterday:

What is your reaction to BET founder and Clinton supporter Bob Johnson saying Barack Obama wouldn’t be where he is if he were white?

Out of 191 comments, only one knew Robert L. Johnson was affiliated with the politically connected private equity underwriter (PEU) known as The Carlyle Group. Derwin Jones got the relationship wrong, but at least he sat in the correct ballpark. The billionaire's RLJ Companies did a joint venture deal with Carlyle in December 2005. Nearly a year later local community banker Bob Johnson met with President George W. Bush. But back to Hillary Clinton and her presidential aspirations.

Mrs. Clinton recently spoke at Allison Transmission, another Carlyle affiliate. Two of her husband's ex-employees, Mack McLarty and David Marchick, sit on the infamous PEU's payroll. First, Carlyle stooge Sen. Evan Bayh comes to Hillary's aid. Now it's PEU Bob Johnson to the rescue on the race front. How many more Carlyle Buffalo Soldiers are needed to clear the range for Hillary?